Quiche Dish
Bill Cambell Pottery

Quiche Dish

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If you like to bake this is the baking dish for you. With a diameter of 11 inches, you have ample room for your savory quiche or sweet pie. You will need to pop it into a cold oven to bring it up to temperature, like any porcelain dish. But you can still bake at any temperature needed for your baking adventure. If you love flaky crusts, and you don't want to worry about burnt crusts, this is the dish for you. Available in Signature Glaze.

  • Width:  11”
  • Height:  2”
  • Holds 4 1/2 cups

Each pottery piece is one-of-a-kind made by Bill Campbell. Colors may vary slightly due to the variations of the glaze. The image you see is a representation and will not be an exact copy of what you receive.  


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